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Friday the 13th Love Monsters Take Over!


This June, on Friday the 13th, the Love Monsters are taking over!

Love Monster Exhibition, Sponsored By: &

Visit the ANNEX ROOM at Historical Gay 90s on Friday the 13th for the “Love Monster” takeover.

This event will have your mouth watering and feeling warm and fuzzy, but don’t worry, we have just the thing to quench your thirst as the night will also be featuring the secret Love Potion  No. 9 served up by your friendly bartenders all night long in the Annex Room at the Gay 90s.

This will be a night of music featuring Naughty Wood and also a live performance by the band Famous.


Naughty Wood is well known for his love uniting music. He has predominately maintained a musical presence in Minneapolis, weaving his influences of soul, rock and funk and continuously sharing music that is both thought-provoking and known to transcend even the grumpiest of cats to a happy-feel-good-demeanor. And it shows on the dance floor!


This event will be the Famous App Release party, featuring live music from the band, Famous:



1. Having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature; renowned; celebrated.

2. Informal. first-rate; excellent.

3. Notorious (used pejoratively).

4. A revolving door of talented artists & musicians under the leadership of singer & lyricist, Norell, Famous is constructed of lyrical content & improv sound.

5. We’re all stars.


This Event will also feature Body Painted Sexy Silhouettes
Please see:

Photography by

With live video art projections and installations for your eyes’ delight by a secret guest performer!

The theme is a black light glow-in-the-dark Love Monster dance party. The monsters are all fun, colorful, neon, loving monsters - spreading the plague with their venomous love bites!

With art featured by LolaMade, so you can take home your own little Love Monster! So get ready for a fun black light party with all things that bump and grind in the night!


Prizes and give aways for those that arrive early.


Hair Styles/Cuts






The night is 21+ and will also be featuring the “Sexy Silhouettes”, a body art installation.

There’s a plague that has been slowly spreading around. You may have fallen victim yourself if your symptoms include feeling sensual, cuddly, loving, or you feel as though your feet have grown a mind of their own because you just can’t stop dancing! Also the loss of clothing has been witnessed in severe cases. In ultra-severe cases, some people change colors. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you’ve surely fallen under the spell!

To help balance some of your love monster symptoms, we will have Love Potion No. 9 available all night, just see your friendly bartender. Yes, the notorious Love Potion No. 9 is mild in comparison to the Love Monster Plague, it slightly calms the effects; however we hold no liability if you kiss a cop and he or she breaks your bottle.

Pink makeup is encouraged!
There will be special prizes and giveaways throughout the night as well.
Stay tuned.

The Gay 90s, for those of you who have not been there, is a Huge club with six very unique, different rooms:

To enter the venue, it is a $5.00 cover, which will grant you access to all five of the six rooms at the club.

For our event in the Annex Room (one of the six rooms):


= $10.00 for a night of dancing and grooving, loving and moving, bumping and grinding overcome with the Love Bug fever! The Love Monsters are taking over, and is sure to leave you feeling sensations you just might like, perhaps more than a little ;)

Come have fun, give in to your inner Love Monster!
The first 50 people who enter our exhibit, get a free prize =)

This event is sponsored by Phönix LLC & Jambots.

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